How to Enroll in Duo Two-Factor Authentication


Follow the steps below or view a detailed PDF guide to enroll your WVU Login account in Duo Two-Factor Authentication. To learn more about the enrollment and setup process, watch the Two-Factor Authentication introduction video.

How to enroll:

If you intend to use your phone or tablet for Duo authentication, download the free Duo Mobile app on your device before enrolling.

  1. Go to

  2. Click the My Login link to view your account status.

  3. Enter your WVU Login username and password.

  4. Click the Login button to retrieve your account details.

  5. Review your account details, then click the Enroll in Duo 2-Factor button. Two-factor authentication will be enabled for your account.

  6. You will see a message indicating that your WVU Login account has been enrolled in Duo 2-Factor

    • If you intend to use a hardware token (either a U2F Yubikey USB token or a Duo display token), click Add a Hardware Token to attach the token to your account. If you choose not to set up your token now, you must contact the Service Desk to complete that process later.

    • If you do not have a token device, you have finished enrollment! Click the Back to My Login link to return to the main page.

  7. You can now set up your phone or tablet as your authentication device by logging back into the page. Click My Login

  8. Enter your WVU Login username and password.

  9. Click Login. You should see the Duo setup screen to connect your phone or tablet to your account.

  10. Click the Start setup button to proceed with setting up your Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry phone or tablet. Instructions for each type of device can be found in the Knowledge Base.

  11. After you have set up your phone, tablet, or token device, you will now be asked to authenticate your login whenever you access secured WVU systems.

  12. Pick your device from the drop-down at the top, then choose an authentication method to complete authentication.

    • Click Send me a Push to receive a notification on the Duo Mobile app on your mobile phone. You will see a request that you must tap, and then choose Approve. If the notification does not appear immediately, you may need to open the Duo Mobile app to see the notification.

    • Click Enter a Passcode to receive a six-digit passcode on your mobile device. You must open the Duo app, click the key icon to get a code, and type the code into the authentication screen on your computer. You may also obtain passcodes from the Service Desk.

After enrolling in Duo, ITS recommends printing passcodes in case you forget your phone or need to set up a new phone. Learn how to generate and use passcodes here. Please note you can only generate ten codes at a time, and generating new codes will make any previously generated codes invalid.

You will be asked to authenticate your login whenever you access secured WVU systems. After entering your WVU Login username and password, you will see the Duo authentication screen.

View the How to Authenticate to WVU Systems That Require Two-Factor Authentication article to learn how to authenticate with Duo.


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