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IRB Protocol Document Locked for Editing


WVU+kc will not allow more than one person at a time to edit an IRB protocol. Either someone else is currently working in the protocol or the user didn't close out of the protocol by clicking the close button at the bottom of the page, and instead, closed the browser when they were done working.


When you open a protocol, you see the message "Document locked for editing by..." at the top of the protocol page.


First, confirm if the person who has locked the document is still working in it or not. If the person is no longer working in the protocol, you have three options to remove the lock:

  1. Contact the person who locked it and ask them to log into WVU+kc, open the protocol and close out of it by clicking the Close button at the bottom of the page.

  2. Wait 24 hours for the lock to expire on its own.

  3. If the document needs edited immediately and the person who locked the document is unavailable to close out of it properly, contact the ITS Service Desk or the Office of Research Integrity & Compliance and request that the pessimistic lock be removed for the protocol. Be sure to provide the protocol number in your request.



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