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Wrong Email Address in the WVU+kc System


If you're not receiving emails from WVU+kc, make sure your email address is correct in the system.

How to check and update your email address:

Check WVU+kc to see if your email address in the system is incorrect.

  1. Sign into and locate the Quicklinks section on the right side of the page.

  2. Click the Person Lookup link to search for yourself. Enter all or part of your name in the search field. Wildcard searches can be done by using * or %.

  3. Locate yourself in the search results and check the email shown in the Email Address column.

  4. If the email address is correct in the system and you're still not receiving emails, check to see if you have set up rules for the address that may be sending emails to the wrong email folder, or check your spam folder to see if the emails from are going straight to your spam folder.

If the email is incorrect, you can update the email address as follows:

  •      WVU employee: Contact the ITS Service Desk.

  •      Non-WVU employee with a special login: Contact the ITS Service Desk and request that your email be corrected in login and Targeted Resources.

  • Non-WVU employee without a special login: If you are a study personnel on an IRB protocol, submit a ticket to the ITS Service Desk and request an update to your information in WVU+kc.




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