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Approve an IRB Protocol


PIs and unit approvers should receive an email notification when they need to approve an IRB protocol.


A co-investigator submitted a protocol and the PI needs to approve it, or a PI has submitted the protocol and a unit approver needs to approve it.


  1. Sign in to WVU+kc.

  2. In the News Feed section, there will be a list of the items that are requiring your action. Click the hyperlink in the message of the alert to open an IRB protocol and review it.

  3. The protocol will open to the Protocol Summary page. All details of the protocol can be reviewed from this page.

  4. After reviewing the protocol, navigate to the Protocol Actions page to approve or disapprove it. If disapproving, you must provide a reason for disapproval and confirm the disapproval. The PI will be notified that the protocol was disapproved via an email and will be able to edit the protocol and resubmit after making the requested changes. You will be requested to approve the resubmitted protocol.

There are two other options for opening a protocol to approve it:

  • The person who needs to approve the protocol should have received an email notification from WVU+kc informing them there is an action being requested of them. Within that email will be a link to the protocol that needs to be approved. Click on the link to open, review and approve/disapprove the protocol on the Protocol Actions page.

  • If you accidentally deleted the email sent by WVU+kc or the alert from your News Feed, you can find the protocol you need to approve by searching for the protocol via the Search Protocols link by entering the protocol number or the PI's last name, open the protocol by clicking the edit link, navigate to the Protocol Actions page and click Approve or Disapprove at the bottom of the page. 


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