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Student Seating Information for WVU Football


There are several sections at Milan Puskar stadium that are reserved for WVU students.

Allocation Category Lower Upper Maniac Senior Total
Current Allotment 12500
Distributed 2500 5000 3500 1500 12500

Where can I sit?

See the Stadium Seating Guide for a map of the seating locations listed below.

Open to all students

  • Lower Deck - Sections 109 and 110
  • Upper Deck - Sections 205 through 211


  • If you are a fee-paying Maniac members in good standing, you can sit in the Upper Deck (sections 205 through 211).


  • If you have achieved senior status of 89 plus credit hours or you are a graduate or professional student, you can sit in the Senior Spirit Section (121 on the Lower Deck).


  • Guests can sit either in the Upper Deck (sections 205 through 211) or the Senior Spirit Section (121 on the Lower Deck), depending on where the WVU student with the guest sits.

Where do I enter?

Students should enter on the East side of the stadium. Gates there will be marked either Maniacs/Upper Deck or Lower Deck/Senior Spirit and students should get into the proper line.

Will I get a wristband?

Students sitting in either the Lower Deck (sections 109 and 110) or in the Senior Spirit Section (121) will receive wristbands as they enter the student gates marked for their sections. Students in the Upper Deck and Maniac sections will not receive wristbands, but should be ready to present their tickets and/or IDs when entering and re-entering their sections.

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