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How to Access the MyAccess Site


The MyAccess site is where employees can clock in or out, request leave, and access other applications like Mountaineer Marketplace and MyExpenses.

How do I access the MyAccess site?

MyAccess is limited to hard-wired computers and wireless access using the WVU.Encrypted network.

If you are off campus, you can use Citrix at to log into MyAccess. If this is your first time using Citrix, you will need to install a Citrix Receiver. See the articles below for instructions:

Note: If you are asked for a domain or server name when trying to use the Citrix app, enter

If you have the Citrix Receiver installed, you can follow the steps below to log into MyAccess:

  1. Go to and log in with your WVU Login credentials.
  2. Open a browser application. You should have Internet Explorer and Firefox as browser options. If you do not have any browser applications, click here to request access.
  3. If security dialog boxes appear, click to Allow and Permit use of the application.
  4. Navigate to
  5. Log in with your WVU Login credentials.

How do I request help?

If you need assistance with a MasterApps application, refer to the articles below or contact your departmental support.

If you need assistance within MyAccess, submit a ticket using the MyAccess service page. 

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