Connect Your Windows Vista Computer to WVU's Wi-Fi


WVU students, faculty and staff should connect to the WVU.Encrypted network.

Note: WVU students and employees trying to connect to WVU.Guest will receive an error message since it is intended for campus guests. Students and employees should connect to WVU.Encrypted for more secure access.

How do I connect my Windows Vista computer to the WVU.Encrypted network?

  1. Open the Start Menu and select Control Panel.

  2. Click View network status and tasks under the Network and Internet section.

  3. In the Network and Sharing Center section, Windows will indicate if wireless networks are available. Click Connect to a network.

  4. Windows will display a list of available wireless networks. Select WVU.Encrypted and click Connect.
    Note: You may see other wireless network here. These networks are not supported by West Virginia University and may be unsafe.

  5. Windows will display a warning indicating that you are attempting to connect to an unsecured network. Click Connect Anyway. WVU.Encrypted is similar to public wireless networks in hotels, airports and coffee shops. It does not encrypt (or secure) your wireless traffic. Instead, it relies on your application (e.g. web browser) to encrypt sensitive information.

  6. After connecting to WVU.Encrypted, Windows will prompt you to save this network. Select Save this network; we don't recommend selecting Start this connection automatically. This allows you to retain control over when you connect to the wireless network.

  7. After connecting to WVU.Encrypted, Windows will prompt you to select a location for the network. Select Public Location. This signals the Windows firewall to prevent your computer from being discovered on the network, which helps prevent your computer from being attacked by viruses and other malicious software.

  8. Windows will indicate that the network settings were made successfully. Click Close to return to the Network and Sharing Center.

  9. From the Network and Sharing Center window, select Manage wireless networks under Tasks.

  10. In the Manage Wireless Networks window, right-click WVU.Encrypted and select Properties from the menu. A new window will open.

  11. If the box next to "Connect automatically when this network is in range" in the Connection tab, we recommend you unmark it. This allows you to control when you connect to the wireless network. if it is marked, Windows will automatically connect to it whenever it is in range. Be sure that none of the other settings in the Connection tab are marked. Click OK to save any changes.

  12. Close the Manage Wireless Networks window to return to the Network and Sharing center. It will show that you are connected to WVU.Encrypted, but not the internet. To connect to the internet, you must authenticate as an authorized user of the wireless network.

  13. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from your computer. If you do not disconnect your computer from the wired network, Windows may choose to use the wired network instead of the wireless network, and the following steps will not work as expected. If the following steps do not work as expected, simply re-connect the Ethernet cable to your computer to regain your network connection.

  14. Open a new window in your web browser. The network will automatically redirect your browser to the WVU Wireless Network Login webpage. Log on using your WVU Login credentials.
    Note: You must have an active Login to use this network. Go to if you are unsure about the status of your WVU Login account.

  15. If your attempt was successful and your browser's pop-up blocker does not block it, a new browser window indicating that your logon was successful is displayed. Close this window, but do not click the Logout button. Clicking the Logout button will disconnect you from the wireless network. If your logon was successful, your original browser window is redirected to West Virginia University's homepage.

  16. You should now have an active connection to WVU.Encrypted and the Internet. If you minimize your web browser and return to the Network and Sharing Center, you will notice that it now shows a connection to the internet.
    Note: It may take a minute for Windows to verify the connection to the Internet, and it may be necessary to refresh the window before it shows the Internet is active.


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