Mobile ID FAQ


Mobile ID is an app which allows users to authorize their smart phone or other smart device to function as their Mountaineer Card at certain campus locations. For now, this service can only be used by residence hall students when doing laundry or by students and instructors participating in the Classroom Attendance Monitoring pilot.

  1. Visit the Apple Store or Google Play to download the free CBORD Mobile ID app to your smart device.
    Note: If you're unable to download or open the app, try updating your device. The Mobile ID app requires OS 4.3 or later for Android devices and iOS 9.0 or later for iPhones/iPads.
  2. Once you install and open the app, you will need to authenticate your smart device. Tap the dropdown arrow and search for West Virginia University or enter in the Server URL field.
  3. Tap Authenticate my device.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your WVU Login credentials. Enter your username and password.
  5. Tap Authorize.
  6. Once your device is authorized, the app will display your Mountaineer Card photo and will be ready for use.
Each laundry machine will have a four-digit location number (referred to as a Mobile ID Location #). Enter this number in the app and then swipe the card icon at the bottom of the app. This emulates an actual Mountaineer Card swipe and will deduct the appropriate amount from your Mountie Bounty plan.

If your instructor is participating in the Classroom Attendance Monitoring pilot, they will explain when and how Mobile ID will be used in their classroom. View the How to Log Attendance article for more information about logging attendance, reviewing your attendance history and changing your notification preferences. Instructors can also request Classroom Attendance Monitoring help.

  • Mobile ID improves customer service. With smart devices becoming more common, Mobile ID provides an alternative to the Mountaineer Card for certain locations, which can be especially helpful outside of university business hours if a Mountaineer Card becomes lost

  • Mobile ID enhances security. The optional PIN feature adds another layer of security for the cardholder. Also, each location uses geo-fencing, so transactions can only be performed at a location when the user is in close proximity to that location.

Tap the Settings gear icon and then tap Set PIN. Create a four-digit PIN and confirm your entry. Once complete, the PIN will need to be entered whenever conducting a Mobile ID transaction. You can tap Change PIN or Remove PIN at any time under Settings.
Go to and click Report Lost Phone. Once reported, the Mobile ID app will no longer function.
You have the ability to revoke your credentials at any time. In the app, tap the Settings gear icon then tap Revoke my credentials. If you want to use the app in the future, you will need to re-authorize your smart device.


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