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MyExpenses FAQ


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Submitting a report:

Approvals, returned reports, tracking, etc.:


What is MyExpenses?

MyExpenses is WVU’s mobile-friendly version of an electronic reimbursement and travel expense tool called Chrome River. This software system is designed to eliminate waste, and reduce both inefficiency and employee frustration over slow, paper-based processes. MyExpenses will help reimburse employees faster, easier and with less risk of error.

Why should I use MyExpenses?

It’s more efficient, and that means money in your pocket faster. Eventually, its use will be mandatory. MyExpenses will:

  • Eliminate the need to process some 650,000 pieces of paper, including 17,000 expense reimbursements and 175,000 annual PCard transactions a year, plus monthly PCard statements and vendor registrations for state employees.
  • Eliminate the need for employees to certify invoices.
  • Eliminate the need to store paper PCard receipts for five years
  • Eliminate the need for hand-delivery and couriers sending in settlements

Are there other advantages?

Yes, many! Here are a few:

  • The system relies on the same single sign-on system, meaning it will use your WVU Login credentials. You won’t need a separate password.
  • It will ensure more accuracy in designating funding sources.
  • Reimbursements can now include both state and WVU Research Corp. funding.
  • Employees, supervisors and task managers can all approve expenses by email
  • EBOs issue approvals electronically.
  • WVU employees will no longer need to be registered as vendors in the state OASIS system. It also streamlines electronic payment for services.

How does it work?

With MyExpenses, you’ll be able to take photos of your receipts and upload them to the system. Per diems and mileage rates will be built in, so you’ll no longer have to calculate those on your own.

How do I access it?

Log into the WVU Portal and select the Administrative Tools tab. The MyExpenses link will be listed there.

Does it work in every web browser?

It works best in Chrome and Safari. In testing, the system performs a bit slower in Internet Explorer.

Who can use it?

MyExpenses is available to all WVU employees, as well as those with courtesy assignments in the University's HR module (i.e., WVURC, UHA, etc.) The first groups to pilot this new tool will be Statler College of Mineral and Engineering Resources, Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, and central units that fall under the Administrative Units Shared Service Center such as Information Technology Services. The tool should be available to all WVU employees sometime this fall.

Who else uses this tool?

Chrome River has more than 600 customers, with more than 1 million users in more than 100 countries. The company says its system is available to customers 99.94 percent of the time. Those customers include Toyota, the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith and Whitworth University.

Can I use MyExpenses to book travel?

No, but a new system called MyTravel, our version of the commercial product World Travel, should be available later this year.

Employees will be able to make travel reservations online or by phone with personal assistance. This new tool will synchronize airfare, hotel booking and car rentals in a single system. It also will provide an option to use a “ghost card” associated with a central funding source, so employees will no longer have to carry large expenses on their PCards or personal credit cards when booking travel.

People traveling on business currently use 20 different booking methods, preventing the University from effectively leveraging its buying power. This unmanaged approach also prevents WVU officials from knowing where its employees and students are and providing assistance to them during emergencies in the U.S. or abroad. All University employees will be using MyTravel except Athletics, which will use Anthony Travel.

Here are some other advantages of MyTravel:

  • Preferred contract rates and rules will be embedded into the system.
  • The risk of human data-entry error and abuse are both reduced.
  • WVU Travel could reduce spending by as much as $2.2 million per year just through improved efficiency.
  • Reduce the risk of fraudulent travel-related activity. 

Is training available?

Yes. Detailed training videos and Quick Start guides can be found here.

Who can I contact for help?

For login issues, go to to check your account status. Submit a ticket if you need additional assistance.

For questions about how to use MyExpenses, email

Submitting a report:

Will I need to know my funding string?

A funding string is needed before final submission of the report; however, if you don't know your funding string, there is an option to select to route it to your EBO. They can input the funding information.

Can I use WVU Foundation funding?

The Foundation requires all WVU employee travel and personal reimbursement expenses activity to be initially processed and paid through the MyExpenses platform then back-billed (direct-billed) if 

  • The Expense is permissible under State Procurement policies and practices
  • The Foundation funding sources (fund/award) is used consistently.

If this change requires you to increase or initiate a Fiscal Year 2018 direct billing authorization, please submit the authorization form to Sheree Caine of WVU Sponsored Research accounting at

If you have questions, please contact Adam Heller of the WVU Foundation at 304-284-4026 or

Can I combine State and Research Corp. funding on the same report?

Yes. State and RC funding can be combined on the same reimbursement expense report, but PCard expenses must be kept separate.

Is pre-authorization required for my travel expenses?

Travel must be approved by the traveler's supervisor beforehand; however, no form or other written notice is required. There will be an optional pre-authorization electronic form in MyExpenses for those interested.

Can someone submit reports on my behalf?

Yes. You’ll still be able to delegate your reconciliations to your administrative assistant, EBO (Expert Business Office) or anyone else you choose. You can approve the reports submitted on your behalf via email or within the system. See the MyExpenses training for the related video/quick start document.

When will I need to attach receipts?

Receipts, submitted as a PDF or image, are required for all PCard transactions and select reimbursement receipts. The system will know when a receipt is required and will notify you if you are missing a receipt. Receipts can be attached by uploading from your computer or emailing your receipt PDF or image file to

What if I used my PCard for expenses related to my trip?

If you had PCard expenses prior to the trip that have already been reconciled, you don’t need to attach those receipts to the reimbursement request. You can use the Notes section on the reimbursement expense report to notify your approvers of the past expenses.

I need to reimburse an outside party (i.e., job candidate) for his/her travel expenses. Can I use this system?

Yes. Select “non-employee” as the affiliation and complete the report on behalf of the individual. If the individual is not included in the available list of Payees, you will need to submit a Supplier Request Form in Mountaineer Marketplace before completing the report. See the MyExpenses training for the related video/quick start document.

What if I need to be reimbursed for an amount less than the amount on the receipt?

You can alter the amount due to the employee by entering in the lesser amount on the expense type. For meal per diems, additional deductions can be applied. See the MyExpenses training for the related video/quick start document.

What if someone else paid for my travel expenses on their PCard?

The cardholder who paid for your travel expenses will need to reconcile those transactions themselves. You can use the Notes field on your reimbursement expense report to notify approvers of the expenses paid on the other employee’s PCard.

Approvals, Returned Reports, Tracking, etc.

Who needs to approve my reports? How can they approve them?

All reports will require EBO approval and either your supervisor’s approval or the Task Manager (if grant-funded). Reimbursements will also be approved by PCPS. Approvals are done electronically via email, mobile devices or by logging into the system. See the MyExpenses training for the related video/quick start document.

How can I reassign a report in my approvals folder to another approver?

If you need to reassign a report to another approver (i.e. your Chair/Director’s approval is required on all travel for his/her budget), you can do so by selecting the report in your approvals folder and then selecting Reassign under the options. See the MyExpenses training for the related video/quick start document.

How can I find where my reports are within the approval process after I submit them?

You can track your report by selecting it within the expenses Submitted Last 90 Days section on your main MyExpenses page. Select the Tracking button. This will let you see where your report is in the approval process, if it has been approved for payment, and if payment has been issued.

How can I withdraw a report after I have submitted it?

Go to the expenses Submitted Last 90 Days section of your main MyExpenses page and select the Recall button. This will return the report to your Draft expenses folder, where you can either delete the report or edit and resubmit.

I received an email stating that my report had been returned to me. What should I do?

You can find returned reports by selecting the Returned expenses section on your main MyExpenses page. Then select the applicable report and open it to see the comments provided at the bottom.


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