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MyMountaineerCard is an easy way for WVU students, faculty and staff to manage their Mountaineer ID card online. Log into using your WVU Login credentials. If you are a new student, you must be registered for either New Student Orientation, housing or classes before you can access the MyMountaineerCard site.

Use the Request Assistance for Mountaineer Cards service page if you need assistance.

Mountie Bounty is a convenient debit plan that allows you to place dollar amounts on your Mountaineer Card for later use. View the Mountie Bounty article for steps to add funds as a student, employee, parent or guest. 
View the Where to Use Your Mountaineer Card article for a list of WVU services and locations that require your card or accept Mountie Bounty.
Yes, but you must pay the $30 card replacement fee and turn in your old card. Go to an ITS Service Center on campus to get a new photo taken. To view all card fees, view the Mountaineer Card Fees document.

You can receive a free card if you've changed roles or departments at WVU. You can visit an ITS Service Center to receive card replacements. You must pay a $30 replacement fee if you want a card replacement due to a name change. Mountaineer ID cards require the use of legal names.

Mountie Bounty balances are carried forward each year, but a $10.00 charge may be levied on remaining balances after 365 days of continuous inactivity or 125 days after graduation, withdrawal or the end of WVU enrollment. Please view the Mountie Bounty Debit Regulations for more information and steps to request a refund.

Students attending WVU's New Student Orientation (NSO) will have their photos taken and cards distributed later that same day. Please note that some WVU schools and colleges hold separate orientation events; these program-specific events do not include preparing or distributing Mountaineer Cards.

If you do not attend WVU's New Student Orientation, visit an ITS Service Centers location. You must be registered for classes and must present a driver’s license or some other valid form of photo identification. 

  • Main campus students
    Get your card at the Mountainlair IT Service Center.
  • Potomac State students
    Get your card at the Student Affairs Office (Room 104) in the Administration Building. Call 304-788-6820 for hours and availability.
Your card will be activated on the first day of classes or, if you register late, as soon as the information transferred to Mountaineer Card Services from the Office of the University Registrar indicates you have been assessed tuition and university fees. This process occurs regularly. Your card is active only when you are enrolled in classes for the current term.
If your card is lost or stolen, you should go to and report it as lost or stolen. There is a $30 replacement charge for lost/stolen cards. If your card is damaged or broken, take your card to a Card Services location. The replacement fee for damaged or broken cards is $30. These charges are placed on your student billing account and should be paid online through the STAR Information System or at the Mountaineer Hub's office in Evansdale Crossing as soon as the charge is placed on your account. Once a new card is printed, you must reactivate your card before it will work. Go to and select Report Found Card.

This amount varies from person to person, and depends on the services involved and how frequently you plan to use them. The minimum deposit amount is $10, and we recommend starting small initially. You can add funds at any time. Some common uses and amounts are:

Laundry – $1.50 per load

MyPrinting – $0.06 per page (black and white), $.25 per page (color)

Photocopying – $0.07 per page

Soda Vending – $1.50 per 20 oz. beverage

View WVU Services That Require a Mountaineer Card to see other locations and services that accept Mountie Bounty.

While there may be several reasons why a deposit transaction may be denied, the most common is incorrect address information or an incorrect CVV (security code). Please note, the address that is verified is the address associated with the credit/check card. Some customers make the mistake of using a local address instead of a home/permanent address, for instance. Also, be sure the CVV code is entered correctly. This is normally a three-digit number on the back of the card. Some check cards are also not accepted if a PIN number is required to complete a transaction. Only check/debit cards that can be used as credit cards are valid when making a Mountie Bounty deposit online. 

As a student, you can ask for Mountie Bounty from a Guest. From, click Add Mountie Bounty on the left. Fill out the information on the bottom right of the screen titled Ask for Mountie Bounty and click Submit.

Once you click a residence hall, you have to scroll to the bottom to view the washers and dryers for that area. To simplify your search, click the check box for your favorite residence hall locations and select My Favorites. Only your favorite locations will then be displayed, which will remain the default setting anytime you visit MyMountaineerCard. You can add or remove favorites at your discretion at any time, or click All Rooms to view all the available laundry locations.

Users have the ability to set up an email address and/or a phone number for email or text notifications. In addition to being notified about laundry, users can also set up their preferences for Mountie Bounty or Dining Dollars. Users taking advantage of this feature can be notified when:

  • The balance of their plan drops below a specified amount
  • A withdrawal exceeding a specified amount has been made from their account
  • A deposit exceeding a specified amount has been made to their account
To add a new preference, follow these steps within MyMountaineerCard:
  1. After selecting the Notification Preferences option in the left navigation menu, click the Add button to add a new notification.
  2. If selecting the email method:
    1. Enter the email address.
    2. Provide a description (optional).
    3. Click Save.
  3. If selecting the text method:
    1. Enter the 10-digit phone number WITHOUT hyphens.
    2. Select the wireless service provider.
    3. Provide a description (optional).
    4. Click Send Confirmation Code.
    5. Once the confirmation code is received on your PC/MAC or wireless device, enter the code in the white box and click the Confirm.
    6. If successful, the status will change from UNCOMFIRMED to CONFIRMED.
    7. Finally, click the terms and conditions checkbox and Save to complete the setup of your preference


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