Mountaineer Card FAQ


Information about the Mountaineer Card for students, faculty and staff.

General FAQ:

For your card to work properly, avoid situations where it may become broken, scratched or bent. Do not put stickers on it or punch holes in it. If the card is broken or damaged, it may not be accepted by some units.
Mountie Bounty is a great way to secure your food allowances and use other services. This convenient debit plan allow you to place funds in an account that you access with your Mountaineer Card. There are no set-up charges or transaction fees and no minimum balances are required.
When the card is swiped through the reader, the account number on the card’s magnetic stripe is read and the purchase amount is deducted from the balance in your prepaid account. With the Mountie Bounty account on your Mountaineer Card, you may enjoy the food from the WVU Dining Halls, and from many other dining facilities on campus, as well. Mountie Bounty can be used at the WVU Bookstores, the Mountainlair, WVU Technology Support Centers for repairs and parts, WVUPharmacy and select vending machines on campus. Mountie Bounty is required to print jobs at the computer labs and can be used to make copies at the WVU Libraries. Mountie Bounty is also required to activate washers and dryers in the WVU owned residence halls.

Students and employees may add funds using Morgantown campus students can also make a cash/check deposit at the Bennett Tower IT Service Center and the Mountainlair Cashier's office.

Parents or guests may add funds electronically at You will need to know the recipient's WVU Login username before adding funds.

To make an online deposit:

  • Students/Employees:
    1. Sign into MyMountaineerCard Online using your Login credentials.
    2. In the left navigation menu, select Add Mountie Bounty.
    3. On the next page click the + Add Mountie Bounty button.
    4. Type the amount you want to add in the Deposit Amount text field.
    5. If this is your first visit you must enter a new credit card to use for adding funds to Mountie Bounty. You can save this information so you can access it again on future deposits.
    6. Click Continue when finished entering card information.
    7. Under the fine print on the next page click Add Mountie Bounty button.
    8. For record keeping, the next page shows you an overview of your activity. You will receive a notification of this transaction either through the text or email settings you chose during setup.
  • Parents/Guests:
    1. You must know your student's Login username to deposit funds into their account.
    2. Make sure the student you entered is the correct person.
    3. Make sure Mountie Bounty is selected under the Please Select button.
    4. Fill out the form below and make sure to enter an email address so you can get a receipt.
    5. Click Continue when finished entering card information.
    6. Under the fine print on the next page click Add Mountie Bounty button.
    7. Once your deposit is complete, you will receive an email confirmation to the address you provided. Funds will be immediately available for use at the conclusion of the transaction.
Yes. If you paid the appropriate university fees you may use your card to ride the PRT.
Yes. West Virginia University has made arrangements with Mountain Line Transit Authority so that anyone with a valid WVU I.D. can ride the Mountain Line buses for free. This service is not limited to the WVU campus, but anywhere the buses provide regular service in our local community.
Yes, but you must pay the $30 card replacement fee and turn in your old card. Go to an ITS Service Center on campus to get a new photo taken. To view all card fees, view the Mountaineer Card Fees document.

Although faculty, staff and students may now use their preferred first names in the WVU Directory, STAR and several other systems, the Mountaineer ID Card still requires the use of legal names. Transcripts, diplomas, financial aid documents and other official records of the University also still require the use of the legal names.

Information Technology Services is consulting with other groups on campus and exploring whether it is legally and technically feasible to allow preferred names on what is now considered an official form of identification. Mountaineer ID cards are associated with banking and commerce, door access, classroom attendance and a number of other services for which a legal ID is important.

Faculty, staff and students who officially change their legal names do not need to request a preferred name.

You can receive a free card if you've changed roles or departments at WVU. You must pay a $30 replacement fee if you want a card replacement due to a name change. You can visit an ITS Service Center to receive card replacements.

Mountie Bounty balances are carried forward each year, but a $10.00 charge may be levied on remaining balances after 365 days of continuous inactivity or 125 days after graduation, withdrawal or the end of WVU enrollment. Please view the Mountie Bounty Debit Regulations for more information and steps to request a refund.

Student FAQ:

Students attending WVU's New Student Orientation (NSO) will have their photos taken and cards distributed later that same day. Please note that some WVU schools and colleges hold separate orientation events; these program-specific events do not include preparing or distributing Mountaineer Cards.

If you do not attend WVU's New Student Orientation, visit a Card Services location at the Mountainlair or Bennett Tower. You must be registered for classes and must present a driver’s license or some other valid form of photo identification. 

  • Main campus students
    Get your card at the Mountainlair IT Service Center.
  • Potomac State students
    Get your card at the Student Affairs Office (Room 104) in the Administration Building. 
It combines the functions of the PRT card, ID card, food service card and library cards. This card will be used to determine your access to activities and services such as WVUp All Night, computer labs and the University Health Service. It also allows you access to athletic events and facilities, Student Recreation Center, games areas and the residence halls. You will need your Mountaineer Card for testing and to check books and materials out of the WVU Libraries. The Mountaineer Card offers an online debit plan called Mountie Bounty. This card is valid as long as you are a registered student at WVU.

You may pick up your card at the location where you had your photo taken. See the ITS Service Centers article for office hours.

Potomac State students can pick up their cards at the Student Affairs Office (Room 104) in the Administration Building. Call 304-788-6820 for hours and availability.

You will need to be registered for classes, and present a driver’s license or some other photo identification.
Your card will be activated on the first day of classes or, if you register late, as soon as the information transferred to Mountaineer Card Services from the Office of the University Registrar indicates you have been assessed tuition and university fees. This process occurs regularly. A note for summers: your card is active only when you are enrolled in classes for the current term.
No. The cards are non-transferable and violators may be subject to disciplinary action. Your card should be carried with you at all times. Remember too that you may have placed funds on your card, which other users would also have access to if they are in possession of your card.
The Mountaineer Card will be activated when you return to classes. If you lose the card, you will need to pay the $30 card replacement fee.
If your card is lost or stolen, you should go to and report it as lost or stolen. There is a $30 replacement charge for lost/stolen cards. If your card is damaged or broken, take your card to a Card Services location. The replacement fee for damaged or broken cards is $30. These charges are placed on your student billing account and should be paid online through the STAR Information System or at the Mountaineer Hub's office in Evansdale Crossing as soon as the charge is placed on your account. Once a new card is printed, you must reactivate your card before it will work. Go to and select Report Found Card.

Faculty & Staff FAQ:

The head of your department, working in conjunction with his/her vice president, determines whether or not cards are worn.
You need to turn your Mountaineer Card into Talent & Culture, one of the IT Service Centers or your supervisor by no later than your last day of work.
Faculty and staff cards are printed on a different background and show your department instead of a student designation. Both cards have a magnetic stripe and are encoded with personal identification as well as a lost card code that allows the us to void lost or stolen cards.
You only need one Mountaineer Card for identification. Our databases allow us to assign privileges to those employees who are also students. We ask staff who now have a student card to trade it in for their Faculty and Staff Mountaineer Card.
If you are a full time employee and a student, you should have the Mountaineer Card for faculty and staff. If you are a part-time employee and a student, you may carry the student card, however your department may require you carry the employee card for identification.


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