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A Break In Attempt Has Occurred when Accessing STAR

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You may only have one active session (tab or browser screen) when accessing STAR. Multiple active sessions in STAR can result in the "A break in attempt has occurred when accessing STAR" error message.

What to do if you get the "Break in Attempt" error message:

Follow the steps in below to access STAR. It is important to follow these steps in order as it increases your chances of resolving the error message.

  1. There  many cases where simply exiting the browser or clearing the history by itself does not end an active session for STAR. First try clearing your browsing cache (usually done through clearing your history through your browser and check-marking cookies and cache). After clearing your cache, close all windows of your web browser to finalize the process. (On a Mac, you can "quit" the program for the same results.)

  2. After clearing your cache, open a new browser window and navigate directly to

  3. Click STAR information system login and log into the system using your Login username as the user id and the password you use to get into portal and ecampus as the PIN.

  4. If you are still unable to access STAR, try rebooting your computer before logging into again.

Note: For the time being, please do not use the WVU Portal ( to access STAR as we are trying to solve the problem the system is having handing off session information to STAR. Going forward, we suggest you use STAR in only one window/tab and only on one device at a time.

For further assistance with this issue, please submit a ticket to the Service Desk using the Student Information System (STAR) Support service page.


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