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Request a New or Updated Service Request Page


The TeamDynamix Application Request service can be used to request a new Service Request page or to modify an existing service.

How to place a new request or modification:

  1. Go to the TeamDynamix Application Request service and click TeamDynamix Request to begin your request.
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • SubjectEnter a brief subject for your request.
    • For the type of request, select Service request (including changes to services, forms, workflows, etc.).
    • Select whether you need to Add, Modify or Archive a service.
      • If you want to Add a new service, you must include the subject matter expert for this service along with a suggested category for the service.
      • If you want to Modify an existing service, you must include the subject mater expert for this service along with the service link you want to modify.
      • If you want to Archive a service, you must provide the service link you want to archive.
    • Provide any additional information for your submission.
  3. Attach any related files such as documentation describing the service, sample request forms or workflows you would like associated with your service request. If your service will link to a web form, such as a Qualtrics form, please include the link in your request. If you need a request form created for this service, please describe what information the form should collect from requestors. The TeamDynamix team will contact you for additional information. If your request is for a new service, please fill out the Service Request Template and attach it.
  4. Click Request.

Information about new request forms for Service Request Pages:

Request forms are set up to collect the following from customers: 

  • Requestor (This field auto-populates with the name of signed in customers)
  • Subject (A brief title that explains the nature of the request)
  • Description (A brief description of the issue or request)
  • Attachment (Customers may attach a file to the request)

If there is any additional information you would like to collect from customers, please specify what you'd like to collect. Custom attribute fields, such as text boxes and drop down selections, may be created to collect specific information that helps technicians to fulfill a request or resolve an issue. If you need help thinking of fields, look at the request forms for similar services (just be careful not to submit them!).

What happens after I submit my request?

A Service Request will be drafted in the TeamDynamix Sandbox using the information provided in your request. You will be contacted with a link to the test Service Request page to ensure all information is complete, accurate and meets the needs of your group. Once the Service Request is reviewed and tested, it will be moved to production in the Service Catalog.


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