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Request a New or Updated Knowledge Base Article


Any member of a WVU affiliated department may request to add or modify information in our TeamDynamix Knowledge Base. We highly encourage subject matter experts to submit requests for Knowledge Base articles. Each new article expands our organization's collective knowledge and helps users find immediate assistance.

How do I request submit a new or modified Knowledge Base article?

Before you begin: Before requesting a new Knowledge Base article, please check if the information is already in the Knowledge Base. To limit the amount of duplicated information in the Knowledge Base, we are not going to add articles that only contain or only link to information that is elsewhere in the Knowledge Base. This will help us cut down on time spent maintaining articles and encourage customers to explore the entire Knowledge Base.

Note: If you have been granted access to submit articles to the Knowledge Base (this is different than requesting articles), refer to Submit a New Knowledge Base Article.

  1. Go to the TeamDynamix Application Request service and click TeamDynamix Request to begin your request.
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • SubjectEnter a brief subject for your request.
    • For the type of request, select Knowledge Base request.
    • Select whether you need to Add, Modify or Archive an article.
      • If you want to Add a new article, you must include the subject matter expert for this topic along with a suggested category for the article.
      • If you want to Modify an existing article, you must include the subject mater expert for this topic along with the article link you want to modify.
      • If you want to Archive an article, you must provide the article link you want to archive.
    • Provide any additional information for your submission.
  3. Attach any related files. If your request is for a new article, please fill out the Knowledge Base Article Template and attach it to your request.
  4. Click Request.

Note: If you wish to migrate a lot of information from a website to the Knowledge Base, include the link to the website in the Detailed description section along with an expected due date for the migration.

How will the request be processed?

Once you submit your request, it will be sent to the TeamDynamix Administration group. A technician in that group will review the request and contact you if more information is needed.