How to Set up Two-Factor Authentication


After you enter your username and password to log into a WVU application that requires additional verification, you will see the Duo Authentication screen. You will need to set up a device to complete the login process. You will need to complete the setup steps on a computer.


How to set up a new account:

  1. Click on the Start setup button in the Duo Authentication box. The system will next ask what type of device you will be adding.

  2. Click the radio button to indicate the type of device you want to use. Is it recommended that you start with your mobile phone, but you may select another device if desired. See more instructions for setting up other devices in the Two-Factor Authentication (Duo) section of our Knowledge Base.

  3. Click the Mobile phone radio button and click Continue. The system will ask for your phone number.

  4. Enter the country where your mobile phone is active (leave the default selection of United States) and enter your phone number with area code.

  5. Click the checkbox to verify your number is correct, and click Continue when the system has accepted the phone number. You will need to check the box below the text area to affirm that you have entered the correct number before the Continue button will be available.

  6. Choose the type of mobile device you wish to add. Click the radio button next to your type of phone.

  7. Click Continue again. You will be asked to install the Duo Mobile client for your phone type.

  8. You will need to go to the App Store for your operating system (whether Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, or Windows) and search for the Duo app.

    1. Open your device’s app store.

    2. Search for ‘Duo Mobile.’

    3. Install the application on your phone (free of charge).

  9. Once you have installed the Duo Mobile application on your phone, click the I have Duo Mobile installed button on your computer window. You will now be asked to activate Duo Mobile via QR code.

  10. Activate your device:

    1. On your phone, tap on the Duo Mobile app to open it.

    2. Tap the plus (+) sign at the top of the screen to add account.

    3. Hold your phone’s camera up to the computer screen with the QR code.

    4. The Duo app on your phone should communicate with the Duo Authentication that is embedded in the WVU authentication system, and a green checkmark should appear on the QR code.

  11. Click Continue. Duo Authentication should now tell you that your device was successfully added! You may set your default device and the default type of authentication you prefer to receive, or click Continue to login to set those options later. Based on pilot user experience, it is not recommended to set an automatic response for Duo. If you select an automatic Push, you will have to cancel the auto-request before you can select a different device for authentication.

  12. Click Continue to login. You will be taken to the Duo Authentication screen, where you can now authenticate your login for the first time.

  13. Choose an authentication method.

    • Click Send me a Push to receive a notification on your mobile phone or tablet. You will see a request that you must click, and then choose Approve. If the notification does not appear immediately, you may need to open the Duo Mobile app to see the notification.

    • Click Enter a Passcode to receive a six-digit passcode on your mobile device. You must open the Duo app, click the key icon to get a code, and type the code into the authentication screen in your browser.

  14. You have now successfully logged into WVU’s authenticated systems.

After setting up Duo, ITS recommends printing passcodes in case you forget your phone or need to set up a new phone. Learn how to generate and use passcodes here. Please note you can only generate ten codes at a time, and generating new codes will make any previously generated codes invalid.

Additional notes:

  • Your authentication will remain active for 24 hours in this browser session. If you close the browser, or switch to a different browser, you must authenticate again.
  • After 24 hours, your authentication will expire, and you must re-authenticate.


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