How to Set up U2F YubiKey Tokens for Duo


If you already have a YubiKey device that plugs into a USB port on your computer, you may add it as one of your device options for authentication with Duo. Follow the steps below or view a detailed PDF guide to set up your YubiKey device.

Note: YubiKey devices are not supported at the WVU Health Sciences campuses. HSC participants can use the Duo display token, or a phone or tablet app.

How to set up a U2F token device:

Your token device will be associated with your account only - it cannot be shared with other users and works on any computer where you log in with your username and password.

After you log into a WVU application that requires additional verification, you will see the Duo Authentication screen. 

  1. Click the Add a new device link on the left-hand side of the Duo Authentication box. You will be asked to confirm that it’s really you before you can add a device.

    • Choose an authentication method to prove it's you adding a device to your account.
    • Accept the authentication request by push or passcode.
  2. Duo will ask what type of device you will be adding. Click the U2F token radio button and click Continue.
    Note: You must use a Chrome web browser to add or use tokens. If your browser is not compatible, the choice will be unavailable.

  3. A message will explain that the next step requires a pop-up window. Click Continue to proceed with setting up a token device.

  4. The system will now open a pop-up window to complete the token registration. If a new window does not appear, you may need to allow pop-ups in your browser settings.

  5. Insert your U2F token device into a USB port on your computer. It should flash when inserted. If the token does not flash, remove it from the USB port and re-insert it.

  6. When the token flashes, touch the button to proceed. This should register as an accepted authentication.
    Note: It is best practice to ‘pinch’ the USB token carefully from top and bottom to avoid damaging the USB device or port.

  7. Duo Authentication should now tell you that your device was successfully added! You may set your default device and your preference for the type of authentication you prefer to receive, or click Continue to login to set those options later.

  8. Click Continue to login. You will be taken to the Duo Authentication screen, where you can now authenticate your login.

  9. Select a device from the dropdown list and choose an authentication method.

    • If you choose U2F token, authenticate by touching your U2F YubiKey token device.

    • Click Send me a Push to receive a notification on the Duo Mobile app on your mobile phone. You will see a request that you must tap, and then choose Approve. If the notification does not appear immediately, you may need to open the Duo Mobile app to see the notification.

    • Click Enter a Passcode to receive a six-digit passcode on your mobile device. You must open the Duo app, click the key icon to get a code, and type the code into the authentication screen on your computer. You may also obtain passcodes from the Service Desk.

  10. You have now successfully logged into WVU's authenticated systems.


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