Authenticate with Duo


After entering your Login credentials, you must use Duo two-factor authentication to verify your identity to access WVU systems. You can choose to authenticate with the Duo Mobile app or enter a passcode.

How to authenticate with a passcode:

  1. When logging into a WVU application that requires additional verification, you will see the Duo Authentication screen, where you’ll need to verify it’s really you.

  2. Choose the appropriate option from the Device drop-down menu. They should all offer the option to enter a passcode.
    Note: You must have a device (phone, tablet or authentication device) assigned to your Duo account to authenticate with a passcode. Choose any device to authenticate with a passcode from the Service Desk.

  3. Click Enter a Passcode. A text-entry box will appear and the Enter a Passcode button will display Log In.

  4. A prompt will appear at the bottom asking you to enter a passcode you received from your device.

    1. Open the Duo mobile app on your phone or tablet.

    2. Tap the key icon in the app.

    3. See a new six digit passcode.

  5. Enter a six-digit passcode into the text field on the Duo authentication screen.

  6. Click the Log In button.

  7. The Duo system will receive your approval and authenticate your Login. You will be granted access to the system you were logging into.

  8. You have now successfully logged into WVU's authenticated systems.

Additional information:

  • Your authentication will remain active for 24 hours in this browser session. If you close the browser or switch to a different browser, you must authenticate again.
  • After 24 hours, your authentication will expire and you must re-authenticate.
  • See the Two-Factor Authentication page for additional instructions on how to set up your account and devices, how to change your settings, how to remove a device and more.


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