Remove Old Device from Duo Account


Follow the steps below to remove an old phone, tablet or token from your account.

Remove a device from your Duo account:

  1. After you enter your WVU Login username and password, you will see the Duo authentication screen, which will either automatically request authentication or ask you to select a method, depending on your settings.

  2. If you see an automatic request for authentication, click Cancel.

  3. Click on the My Settings & Devices link on the left-hand side of the DUO Authentication box.

  4. You will be asked to confirm that it’s really you before allowing you to remove a device.

    1. Choose an authentication method to prove it’s you removing a device from your account.

    2. Accept the authentication request by push, passcode or token device.

  5. You will see your default device selection, if you have any automatic authentication options selected, and a listing of all your devices below. Scroll down to review your devices under the My Devices heading.

  6. Click Device Options next to the device you want to remove. Options to change the device’s name or delete it will appear.

  7. Click the Trash button to remove the selected device from your list. You will be asked if you are sure you want to remove the device.

  8. Click Remove. A message will display that the device has been successfully removed.

  9. Click close (X) to return to the My Settings & Devices screen.

  10. Click Done to return to the main authentication screen. If you have an automatic authentication option selected you may receive a Push at this time.

  11. You have removed a device from your WVU authentication account.


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