Managing Your Job Submissions (My Jobpage)


View and edit your job submissions on the My Jobpage tab on WVUHire.

Viewing your job submissions:

In order to view your job submissions:

  1. Log in to WVUHire.
  2. Once you have been redirected to the WVU jobs board, click My Jobpage.
  3. Click View Submission under the position you would like to view.

Checking the status of your job submission:

Once you have reached the My Jobpage, you can check the status of your job submissions.

Find the title of the job you are interested in. The fourth line of that listing will say Job Status. This will tell you whether your submission is complete. It will also alert you to whether the job is active or inactive, and if you have withdrawn from the candidate pool.

Editing/withdrawing from a job submission:

From the My Jobpage:

To withdraw a job submission:

  1. Find the title of the position you would like to withdraw from.
  2. Click Withdraw at the button of the job listing.

To edit eligible job submissions:

  1. Click on View/Edit Submission under the job title you wish to view or edit.
  2. This will pull up an editable version of your job submission.
  3. You can click on any of the categories in the blue boxes at the top of the page (i.e. work experience, Education and Certifications, etc.) to update your application.
  4. Once you have updated the sections you desire, click the blue Review and Submit box at the top of the page.
  5. Verify that your information is correct, and then click Submit at the bottom of the page.
    1. If your information is incorrect, press the Edit button in the right corner of the box containing the mistake.
  6. If your application has been submitted correctly, you will be directed to a “Thank you for your application” page.

Note: You cannot edit your job submission if the Job Status is Inactive.


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