How to Request Assistance with the WVUHire System


If you need help with the WVUHire system, you can fill out the WVUHire Support request form.

How do I request assistance with the WVUHire system?

The information below will help you fill out the WVUHire Support request form.

  • Title
    In the Title field, complete the “I need help with:” statement with the type of issue you’re having with the system. This could be a request for permission to access the system, any requisition or candidate issues.

  • Description
    Use this field to describe the nature of your request. Please include any and all relevant information, including the requisition number and candidate number and/or contact information.

  • Requestor Role
    In the Requestor Role field, choose the title in the dropdown menu that corresponds with your role in the WVUHire system.

  • Impact
    Use the dropdown menu to choose the number of users who are effected by the issue or problem.

  • Attachment
    Attach any documents relevant to your request, such as screenshots or in-depth descriptions.





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