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Oversight of the IT Standards development is coordinated by the IT Policy, Standard, and Decision Support Committee. All IT Standards and Procedures apply to all WVU employees, students, and third parties. These standards define the minimum requirements for each area at WVU.



The purpose of the L-Soft LISTSERV server at West Virginia University is to provide an electronic communications tool for the faculty, staff, and students of West Virginia University.


This procedure applies to all University staff, faculty, administrators, officers and students (collectively, “users”), including those on the regional campuses and Extended Learning sites.


New List Request:

Faculty and staff can request to have new LISTSERV lists created by simply filling out a form within the IT self service site, Request a New LISTSERV List. Once you have determined which options are best suited for your LISTSERV, visit the New LISTSERV Mailing List service page and click the green Request New List button on that page to fill out the form.

List Names:

All list names should be as descriptive as possible without being too long. The name should be brief and descriptive of the organization or associated topic. The name should only contain "WVU" if it involves recipients outside of the university and it should also provide enough detail to be easily discernable from other lists. Use abbreviations when possible and keep in mind that your name cannot contain spaces, only underscores or dashes.  List name length will not be limited but a suggested length would be approximately 8-12 characters, and it must be approved by a LISTSERV administrator.

List Maintenance:

All lists hosted on the WVU LISTSERV server must be related to WVU (example: research discussion or campus wide committee).

The person responsible for a list is known as the list owner. At least one owner on every list must be a full-time employee of West Virginia University. Any student who requests a LISTSERV list must provide the name of a full-time employee to serve as the sponsor for the list (this person must be associated with list purpose). The primary list owner will be the person who is contacted, if a problem arises in regards to the list. The list owner is responsible for maintaining the list on a day to day basis. This list of responsibilities for this person includes, but is not limited to:

  • Maintaining subscribers on the list.
  • Dealing with any problems that arise pertaining to his/her list(s).
  • Unsubscribing anyone who requests to be removed.

If the primary list owner leaves WVU, a new list owner must be established and identified prior to the change of ownership. Individuals should not be subscribed to any unofficial LISTSERV list without their prior knowledge and consent.

List owners should unsubscribe anyone who requests to be removed from any unofficial list. Individual departments may require that employees be subscribed to lists that directly relate to completing their jobs.

Lists may not target all employees or students at WVU. Any announcement that targets all employees should be sent to E-News for publication in the next electronic newsletter. Any announcement that needs to be sent to all students should be sent via Mountaineer Information Xpress (MIX).

List Archives and Supplemental Files:

An archive may optionally be kept of any list that is on the WVU LISTSERV server. Archives will be stored on the LISTSERV server. Archives can be made web accessible for easier access. Supplemental files may also be stored for LISTSERV lists on the LISTSERV server. These files allow for customization of your lists. Each list is allotted 50 MB of space to store these files.

LISTSERV Virus Scanning:

All messages and attachments that are received by the WVU LISTSERV server will be scanned for known viruses before being distributed to the WVU list subscribers.

List Deletion and Disabling:

The primary list owner can request that any list s/he owns be deleted at any time by contacting the ITS Service Desk. Campus App Admins reserve the right to disable a list if no list owner can be identified or if it is determined that the list is being used inappropriately. Inappropriate use includes but is not limited to:

  • Targeting the majority of the WVU faculty staff and/or students
  • Sending inappropriate messages to the list subscribers
  • Not resolving error messages that pertain to the list that they own

Official Lists:

In order to facilitate communications between the Office of the President and various campus groups, provide more timely and accurate announcements, and reduce the costs associated with traditional paper generated announcements, these lists are used to communicate information to the following groups: 

  • WVU Deans 
  • WVU Directors
  • WVU Major Administrators
  • WVU Chairpersons
  • WVU Faculty
  • WVU Staff

Guidelines for Official Lists:

  1. Campus announcements may be posted to the LISTSERV lists but will be held for the next edition of The Mountaineer E-News (electronic newsletter).
  2. These LISTSERV lists shall be used in accordance with other (official use) university policies.
  3. Individuals (subscribers) are added to the proper list electronically by use of the title code information contained in the on-line phonebook directory. The lists are updated regularly to ensure new employees are added and terminating/retiring employees are removed.
  4. Since these lists will be used to distribute official University information, subscribers will not be removed from their constituent list, and may not remove themselves from these lists.
  5. All notices sent to these lists must contain the following:
    • The subject line has a clear indication of the content of the e-mail (New Indirect Costs, Software Auditors in WV, etc.)
    • The first sentence in the message contains a statement of who (specifically) should be interested in the message (Business Officers, Departmental Computer Specialists, etc.)
    • For long documents, the document should be made available through a URL (with a link in the message to this URL) and a brief message announcing the availability of the document.
  6. Individuals sending announcements to these lists must recognize that not all University employees or students have access to electronic mail, and they may want to consider sending campus mail announcements to these groups of employees and/or students.
  7. Official LISTSERV addresses will be maintained by the Campus App Admins group. These lists will be designated by the CIO and all identified employees will automatically be subscribed to the appropriate administrative lists. These lists are used by central administration and University units to communicate important information to employees in a timely manner.

Server Maintenance:

The LISTSERV server will reside in the Information Technology Services’ Data Center. The server will be maintained and serviced by the Information Technology Services Systems Enterprise Infrastructure Group. Maintenance on the LISTSERV server is scheduled for the next to the last Sunday of every month from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM (noon).


Support for LISTSERV will be handled by ITS Campus App Admins group. This support includes but is not limited to:

  • New list creation
  • Training for new list owners
  • Assistance in list configuration changes
  • Assistance in resolving problems with LISTSERV lists



The Associate Provost for Information Technology (CIO) is the procedure administrator for information technology resources and will ensure this process is followed. Additionally, Deans, Directors and Department Heads are responsible for compliance with University procedure within their respective administrative areas.


Exceptions to IT Standards will be considered using the IT Standard Exception Procedure.


Questions, concerns or additional information about this and any ITS procedure should be directed to the

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