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WVU Directory FAQ


Have a question about the WVU Directory? Start with the WVU Directory FAQ below.

How do I access the WVU Directory?

Go to and enter you WVU Login credentials.

Why can't I access the WVU online Directory?

Access to the online directory is now limited to faculty, staff and students. To look up employee information at, users must enter a Login username and password.

Information Technology Services made this change to improve the security of the directory database and control access to employee information. This change also aligns with how we currently handle access to student information.

If you have a contractual or business relationship with WVU and believe you have a legitimate need for the email address and/or phone number of an employee or student, please contact the Service Desk for assistance at 304-293-4444 or

If you are a journalist or a student, scholar or researcher from another institution, you should consult our WVU Expert Database or contact University Relations-Communications.

If you know the name of the person you are seeking, try doing a Google search for the name or the department where the person is employed.

What information is available in the Directory?

All records for people listed in the Directory will display a person’s legal name, WVU assigned email address, and may also include a person’s preferred name along with any of the following relevant information:

Student information

  • Enrolled College – College granting primary degree
  • Major – Major of primary degree

Employee information

  • Phone – Work phone number
  • Home Department – Primary employer within WVU
  • Title – Primary job title
  • Address – Work mailing address

My information is wrong. How do I update it?



All information in the Directory is a reflection of the MAP and STAR systems. If your information is incorrect, it is most likely incorrect in one of these systems. Request further assistance using the WVU Online Directory Corrections service page.

How do I remove myself from the directory?



  • Employees may remove their information from the directory only with a demonstrated need and the permission of their supervisors. Request further assistance using the WVU Online Directory Corrections service page.

Why am I not listed in the directory?

This may occur for several reasons:

  • If you are a new student or employee, it may take a few days for your information to properly show up.
  • If you have requested your information be kept confidential, it will not appear.
  • If you are a student and you have failed to pay a bill on time, withdrawn from the University, or Graduated, your information may be removed.

Request further assistance using the WVU Online Directory Corrections service page or email


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