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Duo Two-Factor Authentication DO's and DON'Ts


Learn the DO's and DON'Ts for setting up Duo two-factor authentication. Check out our DO's and DON'Ts for Initial Setup infographic!


  • Select Auto Push when you enroll for the first time because you want to able to easily add a backup device in case you forget your phone. Or, you can click Cancel on your computer screen to access the Duo Add a Device option.


  • Add a tablet, token, or other secondary device in case you forget your cell phone.
  • Lock / passcode protect your cell phone when not in use.
  • Request a USB key device as an alternative if you are asked to enroll but don’t carry a cell phone.
  • Check “Remember me for one day” when setting up your account to keep your access for 24 hours if you are working at a trusted computer.
  • Use different browser windows if you alternate between test and live (production) environments during the course of a day.
  • Remember to log out of a machine and close all browsers if you’re using a shared computer.

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