Subscribe or Unsubscribe to a WVU LISTSERV List


Use the steps below to  subscribe or unsubscribe to WVU LISTSERV lists.

Note: If you are unable to to add or remove yourself from the mailing list, you can contact the owner to add or remove you.

How to subscribe to a WVU LISTSERV list:

  1. Open your email program and type in the To: field.

  2. In the body of the message, type SUBSCRIBE, followed by the name of the LISTSERV List, followed by your first name and last name. For example, if the list is called ITS_INFO, and your name is John Doe, you would type: SUBSCRIBE ITS_INFO john doe

  3. Delete the signature line from the body of the message if it is automatically included.

  4. You will receive an email back from the LISTSERV, asking you to confirm your subscription. Click on the confirmation link or reply to the message with OK as the only text in your message.

Note: Some LISTSERV lists may be "closed," meaning that only the list owner(s) can add new subscribers. If you try to subscribe to a closed list using the instructions above, you will receive an email notification. You may receive an email that prompts you to approve the email message you sent to the list owner(s). If you receive this email, follow the instructions (either reply with OK  or click the link to approve).

Once your message has been forwarded to the list owner(s), you will receive a confirmation email. This process does not subscribe you to the LISTSERV list. The list owner still needs to add you to the list before you will begin to receive messages from the LISTSERV list.

If you know the contact information for an owner of the list, it may be easiest to contact them directly. If you do not know the identity of an owner, you can contact the ITS Service Desk.

How to Unsubscribe from a WVU LISTSERV list:

  1. Go to
  2. Log into the system using the password you set and click on Subscriber’s Corner.
  3. Click the link labeled "[Settings]" for the list from which you wish to unsubscribe.
  4. Click the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of the settings page.

You can also send an email message to the LISTSERV server with an unsubscribe command. Address the message to, leave the subject line blank, and use no signature. The body of the message should be the single line "unsub [listname]". Do not include the square brackets around the listname.  For this technique to work, the message must come from the address under which you are subscribed to the list.

If you are not successful unsubscribing yourself, you can ask the list owner to unsubscribe you. If you do not know who the list owner is, send an email to, where listname is the name of the WVU LISTSERV list. Be clear in the email message and its subject line regarding unsubscribing. You will receive a reply message asking you to confirm the message. After you do so, the list owner will receive and process your request.




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