Everyone who participates in a list has a role. Users can also have more than one role.



Owners manage lists, which generally entails adding, editing, and deleting subscribers. This role can also regulate which subscribers have the ability to post messages.

Every list must have at least one owner. Lists for a student organizations must have at least one full-time employee as a list owner in addition to any student owners.

Owners can be "non-quiet" or "quiet." Non-quiet owners receive all error reports, such as delivery errors for unreachable email addresses. Quiet owners have all the power of non-quiet owners, but don’t receive error reports. Lists must have at least one non-quiet owner.


If you have a list where discussion amongst members (subscribers) needs oversight before being published, you need to have at least one moderator. Moderators review incoming messages and decide if they should be posted to the list. Depending on the size of the list, and the activity of members, moderating posts can take a lot of time.


If you chose to create an Announcement List, you may want one or more people to create and post content to your list for your subscribers. These users are the only ones with permission to post messages to your list.


Subscribers receive posts from a list. In cases where the list is not an Announcement List, they can also post messages. This is an important distinction because owners, moderators, and editors are not necessarily subscribers. If your list owners, moderators, or editors wish to receive email posts from the list, they need to be added as subscribers.




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