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Questionnaire Page Validation Error


The IRB Protocol module questionnaire has changed and now requires you to update the modified sections.


You are trying to submit a protocol but are getting a validation error for the Questionnaire page. You cannot submit the protocol until these changes have been made.


  1. Go to the Questionnaire page of your protocol.

  2. Click the Expand All button on the right hand side of the page directly above the Questionnaire sections.

  3. Update all of the sections that have the Questionnaire Update Status: Update Required. Make sure that the selection to "Copy the answers from the old version of the questionnaire to the new one" is made and click the Update button on the right hand side of the section. Make any additional edits to the information provided on the Questionnaire page and submit your protocol.

  4. If you need to significantly change the answers currently in the questionnaire, you can change your selection to "do not copy my answers" and update the section. Please note by changing the selection to "do not copy my answers" all of your current answers will be erased.

  5. If you accidentally erased your answers or if your answers disappeared when you clicked the update button, see the Access an Old Version of an IRB Protocol article to find out how to access previous versions of your protocol in order to copy and paste the information back into the current version. Please note that you will only be able to access old data on protocols that have been submitted. Protocols with the status of Pending/In Progress will not have an old version from which to copy information.




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