LISTSERV, a registered trademark of L-Soft International, is the original and industry standard email list management software. LISTSERV excels at managing large announcement and discussion lists, particularly where the number of subscribers exceeds the normal limits of email software and where the audience may contain external email addresses. The software can automatically manage subscriptions, sign-offs, bounced mail and archives. Subscribers to a LISTSERV list can be bulk added from a text file, or they can be added individually either by a list owner or by a subscriber (if allowed).

Public lists allow anyone to join and participate. Joining a closed or private two-way discussion lists can be made subject to the list owner’s approval. Additionally, LISTSERV lists can be set up in a hierarchically, for example, separate lists for Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors can be sub-lists to an All-Students list.

Lists can be set up for announcements or discussions.

  • Announcement list: Announcement lists are ideal for large-scale dissemination of information. An announcement list is for one-way communication with list members. It is most commonly used for delivering news and media publications, newsletters and other types of announcements. An announcement list can be set up so that people may or may not remove themselves from the subscription list.

  • Discussion list: Discussion lists (private, public or moderated) allow for interaction between group members. These can be open forums, which are ideal for large groups of people who wish to communicate and discuss special topics. Every member can write to the list, and in doing so, all members receive a copy of the message. A two-way discussion list can be public or private, depending upon how it is configured. A discussion list can be set so that subscribers can either be free to post to the list, or their postings must first be approved by a list moderator.

Learn how to Request a New LISTSERV List.


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