Cannot Post to LISTSERV List


There are a variety of reasons why postings to a LISTSERV list are rejected. If you receive an error message indicating your post was rejected, please review the following scenarios for possible solutions.

Have you sent a message to this list successfully before? If so, review this section:

  • Are you sending from the same email address you previously used?
  • Are you certain the list address is spelled correctly?
  • Is it possible that your role in this list may have changed to one that cannot post?
  • Have you reviewed the specific error information provided in the rejection message the system sent you?
  • Can you review a prior, successfully-sent message to confirm things being done the same way as in the past?

Is this your first time posting to this list? If so, follow this section:

  • Confirm that the address you are attempting to send to is the name of the list followed by
  • Confirm you have the correct level of permissions to post to the list.
  • Confirm that the address under which you are subscribed is the one authorized to post to the list, and messages you are sending appear to be from that address.
    • If you are sending from an Office 365 account, try sending a message to an outside account to which you have access, and confirm that the "From" address appears to be identical to the address under which you are subscribed. 
    • Office 365 accounts can have alias addresses through which you can receive messages, but only one outgoing address. If the outgoing address is different from the one under which you are subscribed, LISTSERV will reject the message as it does not recognize the address as being an approved sender.
    • If you find that the address your account is sending out messages differs from the one under which you are subscribed, contact the owner of the list to request it be changed to match it. 

Some lists are structured to be "Announcement Only," where they will only accept postings from specifically-authorized individuals. If you are a list owner and find you are unable to post, make sure that if you are also a subscriber that the "No Post" option is not set for you.

  • Are you sending from an email address that the system will recognize as having a role capable of posting to the list?

If you have been set up to post from either an invalid address, or another email address, the system may reject postings as it does not recognize the address from which you are sending as being authorized. You may wish to check with the list owner to confirm all is as needed.

  • Is the message being sent from an Office 365 account with an "outbound alias" making it appear that it's being sent from an address as opposed to an address?

Some users who have been at WVU for a number of years have a setting on their accounts that makes messages appear to be from addresses when sending to addresses outside of the GroupWise. Although many do not recall this being in place, it is easy to test by sending a message to an address outside of the GroupWise system (e.g., to a Gmail account), and looking to see if the "From" field has an address.

If this is found to be the case, the subscriber's address on the list can be changed to the version in the list, or the ITS Service Desk can ask Cloud & Virtualization Services to remove the alias from the account if the individual is sure it is no longer needed.

If after reviewing this information your problem persists, submit a ticket to the ITS Service Desk for assistance. It may be helpful to include the specific information from the email that indicted your post was rejected in the description of your ticket.

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