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WVU Secure Wireless Network (WVU.Encrypted)


WVU.Encrypted should be preferred by WVU faculty, staff and students who will be using the wireless on a regular basis, since the encrypted network eliminates any concerns about wireless eavesdropping, and since on most clients you will reconnect automatically rather than having to re-enter your credentials for each wireless session.

The WVU.Encrypted network uses WPA/WPA2 and 802.1X (PEAP) for maximum data security. You will need a notebook or wireless device which supports WPA and AES in order to connect to the encrypted network, and you will have to preconfigure a wireless profile for the network before you can connect.

Temporary guest accounts are not valid on the Encrypted network in most cases; visiting guests, and users with wireless handhelds or other non-WPA-compatible devices, should connect to WVU.Guest instead.

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