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Office Mobile for iPad


Current WVU faculty, staff, and students are entitled to install Microsoft Office Mobile on their Apple iPad devices through our Office 365 license. Please ensure your Login account has been activated so that you will be able to run this software. 


Office Mobile for iPad includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. The process depicted on this page shows the installation of Word, and you can individually install as many or few of these apps as you like.

  1. Go to the App Store.

  2. Search for one of the apps you wish to install (ex: Microsoft Word).

  3. Locate Microsoft Word for iPad among the results, tap Free and then Install.

  4. Provide your iTunes password and then tap OK.

  5. Tap Open.

  6. Swipe three times to scroll through the informational screens and then tap Sign In.

  7. Enter your Login username followed by in the email address space and then tap Next.

    Note: Although WVU student email addresses end in, students should use here. This is a special username for activating licenses, and is not an email address that students can use elsewhere.

    Example: If your Login username is glweinrib, enter the address here as follows:

  8. Enter your Login password in the Password space, and then tap Sign In.

  9. Tap Start Using Word on the "You're all set!" screen, or select additional applications to install.

    Note: OneNote may ask for credentials for a separate account in which to store notes. For students, this can potentially be a personal Microsoft OneDrive account that can be created through Microsoft.


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