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Office Mobile For Android Tablets


Current WVU faculty, staff, and students are entitled to install and run the Microsoft Office suite for their Android tablets through our Office 365 license. Please ensure your Login account has been activated prior to attempting installation.

Note: Android tablets with Intel processors cannot run this software at this time. It can be run on most Android tablets meeting these specifications:

  • ARM-processor-based 
  • 7" screen or larger
  • KitKat OS (4.4.x) 

Devices that cannot run this software will either not show it in the Google Play store, or will display a “Device is not compatible” error. 


Installation of Word, Excel, & PowerPoint 

  1. Obtain the desired applications from the Google Play store:

  2. Open one of the applications, swipe through the introductory screens and tap Sign in

  3. Provide your username in the following form when prompted: (Use your actual Login username and append "" to it)

  4. Enter your Login password in the password field. 

Installation of OneNote 

OneNote for Android may require the creation and use of a separate, personal Microsoft account to allow initial sign in. 

  1. Install Microsoft OneNote from the Google Play store.

  2. Attempt to authenticate using your Login username, followed by (Use your actual Login username and append "" to it.)

  3. Enter your Login password in the password field.

If you are repeatedly prompted for your username and password, please try creating and using a separate Microsoft personal account and authenticating with it. This account also provides students with cloud-based space through Microsoft's personal OneDrive system.

Faculty and staff wishing to connect OneNote to their WVU OneDrive for Business space will need to log in with a personal Microsoft account before being able to access the Settings and Accounts menus, which allow for the addition of an Office 365 account and connection to OneDrive for Business.  


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