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Sponsoring Wireless Access for Guests


IT Managers can sponsor wireless access for guests who need temporary access to WVU's wireless network.

How do I create an account for a sponsored guest?

  1. Sign into with your Login credentials.
  2. Select the Guest type:
    • Sponsored-User (default): Your guest will be able to access the Encrypted network for up to 45 days.
    • WVU.Guest-User: Your guest will be able to access the Guest network for up to 5 days.
  3. Complete the Guest Information fields using the Known, Random, or Import form.
    • Known: Use this form if you are sponsoring a single guest or a small number of guests.
    • Random: Use this form if you do not know the specific guests that will need access (for example, if you are hosting an event that did not require pre-registration).
      • Please note that you are responsible for the wireless activity of the guests you sponsor. Therefore, we recommend that sponsors collect guest information and then use the Known or Import form.
    • Import: Use this form if you are sponsoring many guests. You will be able to import a template (Excel) file of all of your guests to save you time.
  4. Complete the Access Information fields.
  5. Click Create.

How do I view accounts?

IT Managers can only view account information for the guests their department is sponsoring. Accounts will be purged every 30 days.

  1. Sign into with your Login credentials.
  2. Click Manage Accounts.
  3. Locate the account you would like to view.
    • You can search for an account by email, name, sponsor, and status.
    • You can also sort most columns in ascending or descending order.
  4. Click on the username for the account you would like to view.
    • Note: If a guest has entered their account multiple times, there will be a number following their username.

How do I modify the guest or access information?

IT Managers can modify the guest information (email, phone number, etc.) and access (length of access) for the guests their department sponsors.

  1. Select the account you wish to modify.
  2. Click Edit Account.
  3. Make the necessary changes.
  4. Click Save.

For certain edits, you can modify multiple accounts at once by checking each account you wish to modify and then clicking one of the options at the top (Extend, Reset Password, etc.).

Note: If you suspend a guest, you are required to provide a reason for suspension.

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