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Print Using Your Email


MyPrinting allows you to print documents from your WVU email.

How to print from your email:

  1. Using your WVU email account (,, send a supported document type as an attachment to the email address that matches the options you want. Click here to check for available options at your location. Black and White, Print only on one side Color, Print only on one side Black and White, Print on both sides Color, Print on both sides
  2. Wait for the automated reply that your document is being processed.

  3. Pick any available Bizhub machine in the building.

  4. Swipe your Mountaineer ID Card on the card swipe located on the right side of the machine.

  5. At the menu touch the Print button.

  6. Highlight the documents you want to print by touching them. A yellow box will appear on the print jobs you have selected.

  7. Press the Start key to print the selected documents.

  8. Press the Access button to logoff the machine so others can't charge print jobs to your card.



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