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Unable to Find Saved IRB Protocol Amendment or Renewal


The Search Protocols link on the main Researcher page is used to locate particular IRB protocols. This search can be used to identify protocols by type, submission status, submission date, or approval date.


You created an amendment/renewal and began making edits but closed the protocol before submitting it. You have used the Search Protocols link but are unable to find the amendment/renewal to make further edits and submit it.


Search for an amendment/renewal via the Search Protocols link located on the IRB drop down. Once on the Protocol Lookup page, enter the protocol number followed by an A* or R* in the Protocol # field to search for an amendment or renewal. Example, if the protocol number is 1412506494, enter 1412506494A* to search for any outstanding amendments associated with that protocol. Once the appropriate protocol amendment/renewal has been located in the search results, click the edit link to continue edits.

If you do not know the protocol number, enter your name (e.g., *Griffith*) in the Search Terms field to initiate a wildcard search that will find all of the IRB protocols with which you are associated.




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