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You can search the information in the Knowledge Base in the top right corner or the Knowledge Base search.

Search for information in the Knowledge Base:

The search bar in the top right corner searches the Knowledge Base and the Service Catalog, which increases the number of results that will be returned. If you would like to refine your search to only the Knowledge Base, we recommend clicking on the Knowledge Base tab and then clicking on Search.
If you are using a number in your search, use quotations around the number or include any associated key words.
Example: If you are looking for Office 365 information, enter "365", '365', or Office 365 in the search bar.

To refine the search even more, you can search within a specific category by clicking the drop-down arrow in the Category field and selecting a category.

Unfortunately, searching within a category that has additional categories under it will return no results. It will not search the categories under it. You will only get results if you search in a category that has articles within it (not more categories). This means that if you want to search, for example, for information about eCampus courses, searching in the "eCampus" category will not return any results. Searching in the "eCampus 101" category, however, will return results.

Note: The hierarchy of the categories in the drop-down category list is marked by indentations. For example, "eCampus 101" is a category under "eCampus." Therefore, "eCampus 101" is indented beneath "eCampus." If a category has an indented category under it, it will not return results.

After you enter the category, click Search to view the results. If you try this and cannot find the information you need, then click the drop-down arrow and select the blank space at the top of the list. This will remove the category. Now you can click Search to search the entire Knowledge Base.

Note: Because several articles are appropriate for more than one category, the information you need may be in a different category than you expect.

For additional searching tips, read our Search Tips for the Knowledge Base and Service Catalog article.