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Navigate the Knowledge Base Categories and Index


There are several ways to browse the information in the Knowledge Base.

Browse by category:

While in the IT self service site, click on the Knowledge Base tab to view the categories of all the available Knowledge Base articles.

Under each category name is a brief description of the topics within that category. Please note that most of the main categories on this page have sub-categories.

Browse by index:

To view a complete list of public Knowledge Base categories and sub-categories, click A-Z Article Index at the top of the page

All of the public categories and sub-categories will be listed alphabetically. Click on any of the category titles to view the articles in that category. If you are searching for a specific category, press Ctrl+F (for Windows) or Cmd+F (for Macs) to quickly find key terms.

Browse by popular articles, recently created articles, or tags:

On the right side of the screen, you will see a list of the five most popular articles, a list of the five most recently created articles, and a list of the most commonly used tags for the articles in the Knowledge Base. The list of tags is in order from most to least amount of times used. Click View All under any of the lists to see an extended list.

Browse by related articles:

Several articles have related articles listed on the right of the screen. If the article you are viewing isn't exactly what you're looking for, check this section first.



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