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Search the Service Catalog


You can search for services using the global search in the top right corner or the Service Catalog search.

Search for a service in the Service Catalog:

The search bar in the top right corner searches the Service Catalog and the Knowledge Base, which increases the number of results that will be returned. Therefore, if you need to find a specific service, we recommend searching within the Service Catalog. To do this, click on the Services tab and then click Search.

This will refine the search to only the Service Catalog. To refine the search even more, you can search within a specific category by clicking on the magnifying glass in the Category field and selecting a category.

After you enter the category, click Search to view the results.

If you try this and cannot find the service, then click the red x to remove the category and click Search to search the entire Service Catalog. Because several services are appropriate for more than one category, the service you need may be in a different category than you expect.

For additional searching tips, read our Search Tips for the Knowledge Base and Service Catalog article.