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Using the Service Catalog to Submit a Ticket


Each service has an electronic form that you can fill out to request the service. These forms automate a lot of work, which decreases the amount of time it takes for your request to reach the right group.

You can search for a service using the search bar at the top of this page, browse the Service Catalog or view a complete list of services from A-Z in the Request Index.

Request assistance for a service:

Once you've found a service you're interested in, click on the service to view more information. Every service has a description of the service, eligibility information, a list of related services and the cost to use the service. On the right side of the screen, you will see a blue button.

Under the blue button, you may see related articles for the service. These links will take you to articles in the Knowledge Base that provide additional information related to the service.

After you've reviewed the information about the service, click on the blue button to request the service. If you are not signed in, you will be asked to sign in before continuing. Sign in with your WVU Login credentials. 

Note: While most services require you to have an active WVU Login, there are some services available to parents, guests and other non-WVU users. Each service has an Eligibility section to specify who is able to submit requests. If the service is open to the public, you will be asked to provide additional contact information.

Once signed in, you will be directed to a form. The form will differ depending on the service. When completing the Subject field on the form, add a short description of your request. The description should be concise but descriptive, such as an email subject line.

While completing the form, if you are unsure what to put in a field, click on the question mark beside the field’s name to view a description. Fields with a red asterisk are required. When you are finished completing the form, click the blue Request button.

Note: Some services will take you to a form outside of the IT self service site. For example, the blue button for the Login Password or Account Reset service takes you to the Login Self Service site.

What happens after I submit a request?

Your request becomes a ticket and will be sent to the appropriate group, who will review your request and either take the required steps to fulfill the request or contact you for more information.

You can view the progress of your ticket on the Home page of the IT self service site (read Check the Status of Your Ticket for more information). You must be logged into the IT self service site to view your submitted tickets (read Log Into the ITS Self Service Site for additional assistance).