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I log out of the WVU Portal, but the next person using the same computer sees my information.


When using a shared computer, there are steps you can take to ensure that others will not be able to view your information in the WVU Portal.

Why are others able to see my Portal data?

Browsers purposely hold your Login information for the WVU Portal so you can log into other applications without having to reenter your credentials. When you log out of the WVU Portal, or any application that is using the shared credentials, your credentials purposely stay active so you can easily be logged into the next application. Therefore, if you only log out of the WVU Portal and not your user account, the next person that uses the same computer may be able to view your information.

How do I ensure that other users will not see my Portal data?

View our Safely Access the WVU Portal on a Shared Computer article to learn how to prevent others from being able to view your information in the WVU Portal.

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