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MIX Email Information for Former Students


After graduation, you will be able to access your MIX email indefinitely as long as you have an active WVU Login account. Since your access to ends six months after graduation, you will need to go to to access your MIX Gmail account.

As a former student, how do I access my MIX Gmail account after graduation?

If you are a former student, you can access your MIX email by visiting and entering your Login credentials. Former students will not be able to access their MIX Gmail through the WVU Portal.

Note: To retain access to your MIX Gmail account, you will need to change your Login password at every 90 or 180 days. How often you need to change your password depends on whether you complete (180 days) or opt out of (90 days) the security quiz.


If you graduated before WVU started using Gmail for student and faculty MIX email, you will not be able to access your email.

If you were admitted to WVU, but never registered for a class, you are not eligible for a MIX Gmail account.

If you registered and attended classes for one semester, but withdrew before it ended, you are not eligible to keep your MIX Gmail account.

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