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Faculty View of the WVU Portal


The Faculty view of the WVU Portal is available to all faculty and will display the same sections for all WVU faculty, regardless of location.

General Content:

General content includes text, links, images, embedded Twitter feeds, Campus feeds, embedded RSS feeds, etc. Links (with the exception of an RSS or Campus Feed link) will open in a new page or tab. Certain links such as Argos, STAR, DegreeWorks and Workflow allow you to access these applications without having to log into each site.

My Week:

My Week provides a list of appointments from MIX Email, Office 365 (excluding HSC) and BlackBoard (eCampus).

eCampus Courses:

The eCampus Courses section allows you to access your course content without logging into the eCampus site.

My To Do:

The My To Do section displays task items from Office 365 (excluding HSC), Google and Blackboard.

Unread Messages:

You will be able to access both MIX and Office 365 (excluding HSC) email from the WVU Portal. The Unread Messages section will alert you of unread messages in either account. Clicking the unread messages will open the MIX/Gmail or Office 365 website in a new tab or browser.

Note: Because HSC uses a different Office 365 mailbox from the Downtown and Evansdale campuses, HSC users will not be able to utilize the Office 365 features for My To Do, My Week and Email.

Faculty Portal View:

Please note that because the portal is continuously being improved, some screenshots may not match exactly what you see.



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