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Student View of the WVU Portal


The Student view of the WVU Portal is visible to all current students. What you will see depends on the program or school to which you belong: Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional, WVU Institute of Technology, or WVU Potomac State.

Note: If you are a student worker and need to access the web clock, you will need to switch to Employee view.

General Content:

General content includes text, links, images, embedded Twitter feeds, embedded RSS feeds, etc. Any link (with the exception of an RSS or Campus Feed link) found on the page will direct you to a new page. Certain applications such as MIX (Gmail) Email, eCampus, STAR, Financial Aid, DegreeWorks, and Schedule Builder will allow you to access these applications without having to log in to each site.

My Alerts:

The My Alerts section will display important messages about your student account (STAR). This occurs when you have a “hold” on your account.

Note: The My Alerts section is hidden when there are no holds.

eCampus Courses:

The eCampus Courses section allows you to access your course content without logging into the eCampus site.

STAR Grades:

The STAR Grades section displays your GPA and grades.

Note: The STAR Grades section is tabbed with the STAR Schedule section. Your grades will not be displayed until you click on the STAR Grades tab.

My To Do/My Week:

The My To Do and My Week tabbed sections display your tasks and events from both MIX and eCampus.

MIX Email:

You will be able to access your MIX email from the WVU Portal. The MIX Email section will alert you of unread messages. Clicking on the unread messages will open the MIX/Gmail website in a new tab or browser.

Student Account:

The Student Account section displays your recent payments and outstanding balance. Clicking the View Details button will direct you to a page in STAR with additional account information.

Student Portal Views:

While all current students will have access to the Student Portal, content may vary. What you see is based on your program or school, which could be Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional, WVU Institute of Technology, or Potomac State College.

Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional View

Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional students share the same view.

Potomac State College View

The view for Potomac State is similar to that of Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional, but the PRT/WVUDOT/MountainLine tabbed web part is removed, and the academic and athletic news has been replaced with Potomac State information.

WVU Institute of Technology (WVU Tech) View

The WVU Tech view of the student portal, similar to the Potomac State College view, mimics the main campus’s student view.  News feeds and calendars for WVU Tech are visible, and the transportation tabs have been removed.



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