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Learn what you can access with your WVU account and who to contact if you need additional access.

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Access for Guests, Vendors or Others

Learn how to get a temporary Login account for a guest, consultant or vendor.

Access for Researchers

Researchers may request access to WVU+kc, Google Apps or request approval for submitting grants.

Access for Retirees

Retirees may retain or request some access after retirement.

Access for WVU Faculty and/or Advisors

WVU faculty and/or advisors are granted access by the Office of the University Registrar.

Access for WVU Students

Learn what access students are granted and how to request help if you are missing access or need additional access.

Access for WVU Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants

WVU teaching assistants and graduate assistants may be granted access by request from a faculty member or academic department. Learn how to request access as an instructor of a course or how to request an employee email.

Process for Data Center Access Requests

How supervisors and sponsors can add, modify or revoke Data Center Access for employees or vendors.