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OneNote allows you to create, organization and share notes with others. OneNote Class Notebook provides additional features for instructors to create shared notebooks for classwork. Both are included with Office 365. Sign into OneNote and OneNote Class Notebook using your Login ( ) credentials.

If you need assistance with Office 365 OneNote or OneNote Class Notebook that is unrelated to access or WVU policies, we suggest searching for "office 365 onenote" or "office 365 onenote class notebook" on the Office support website ( ) or searching online. The "Office 365 OneNote Class Notebook" article contains helpful links for using OneNote for education.

When searching, be specific. For example, if you are trying to learn how to add an Excel spreadsheet to a page in OneNote, search for "add excel spreadsheet to office 365 onenote." If you cannot find the information you need, try adjusting the keywords you are using in your search.

Articles (2)

Office 365 OneNote Class Notebook

With Office 365's OneNote Class Notebook application, instructors can create a collaborative online space for classwork and notes.

OneNote Mobile App Will Not Allow Sign-In

Troubleshooting for students, faculty, and staff who cannot sign into the mobile app for OneNote.