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Support information for the WVU Beckley Campus.

Many IT services and applications receive the same support across campuses. When looking for Beckley information, start here. If you do not find what you need in this category, browse or search the entire Knowledge Base to find the information you need.

Tip: Search #Beckley followed by a space and then a keyword to find services and information for the WVU Beckley Campus. For example, searching "#Beckley login" will return all pages that have the "Beckley" tag and the word "login."

Articles (17)

Beckley Emergency Numbers

List of Beckley emergency phone numbers.

How to Update Your Office Address

Instructions for Beckley employees to modify their address after their move to the Beckley campus.

New to the Beckley Campus (For Employees)

A collection of helpful information and guides for Beckley campus employees.

Information About the WVU Beckley Campus for Students

Student information for the WVU Beckley Campus.

Beckley Employee Technology Guide

Guide to help new Beckley employees get started with Beckley technology.

Beckley Student Technology Resources

Introduction to Beckley technology applications and services for new Beckley students.

Connecting Mobile Apple and Android Devices to WVU Beckley's Campus Wi-Fi

Learn how to connect your mobile Apple and Android devices to WVU Beckley's wireless network.

WVU Beckley Faculty/Student Access to STAR Web, WVU Portal and eCampus

Access STAR Web, the WVU Portal and eCampus systems with your Login credentials.

Obtaining Software for Personally Owned Computers at WVU Beckley

Learn about free and discounted software available for Beckley students, faculty and staff.

Access WVU Beckley Voicemail From Off Campus

How to access your work voicemail from home or somewhere else off campus (for Beckley faculty and staff).

Add a Shared Mailbox Folder to an Outlook for a WVU Beckley Windows Account

Learn how to add a shared mailbox folder to your Outlook account.

Beckley Cisco Unity Connection (Voicemail) Enrollment Information

Information about enrolling as a Cisco Unity Connection User and setting up your voicemail.

Beckley Dialing Instructions for Cisco Unity Connection

How to call another number from a Cisco IP phone (for WVU Beckley faculty and staff).

How to Back Up Data to the J Drive (Network Folder)

The best way to avoid losing your files is to back them up to your network folder, which is located under My Computer.

How to Call Cisco Unity Connection (Voicemail) for Beckley Campus

Information about calling Cisco Unity Connection.

How to Check Voicemail Messages in Cisco Unity Connection for Beckley Campus

Steps for checking messages using the phone keypad or the email application.

WVU Beckley Campus MasterApps (Citrix)

MasterApps (Citrix) information for the WVU Beckley Campus.