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With Filelocker, WVU users can immediately share files with anyone inside or outside the University. It is an ideal solution when files are too large to send through traditional email.

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Pinned Article Filelocker FAQ

Filelocker is a secure, temporary storage space used for exchanging files with people inside and outside of the University.

Upload Files in Filelocker

Steps for uploading files in Filelocker.

Upload/Share Multiple Files in Filelocker

How to share multiple files at once by placing them into a .zip file (for Windows users).

Receive Files in Filelocker

How to receive files through Filelocker.

Share Files in Filelocker

How to share files with others using Filelocker.

Request Upload for Filelocker

How to email an invitation to anyone using the Request Upload function.

Use Groups in Filelocker

How to create, delete or rename a group in Filelocker and manage the group members.

Filelocker Login Error

If you receive an error message while logging into Filelocker, clear the browser cache or contact the ITS Service Desk.