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Documentation to help you troubleshoot technical errors in Outlook (Office 365 email).

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"One or More of the Folders in Your Mailbox are Named Incorrectly" Email from Microsoft Outlook

Email folders with a forward slash (/) in the folder name interfere with IMAP email programs. If you receive an email from Microsoft Office with the subject "One or more of the folders in your mailbox are named incorrectly," you need to replace the forward slash with a different character.

"Operation on Mailbox Failed" Error Message

What to do if you receive the "operation on mailbox failed because it's out of the current user's write scope" error message in Outlook.

"Unable to log in to: SharePoint" Warning Message in Outlook Client

Microsoft has deprecated the SharePoint Social Connector, causing Outlook 2013 users to see an "Unable to log in to: SharePoint" warning message. The SharePoint Social Connector can be deleted from the Social Network Accounts in Account Settings.

Email Alert Message: "This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be."

Office 365 users receiving messages at their addresses may notice a reddish rectangle at the top of some messages containing the following alert message: "This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be."

Email is Going to Unwanted Folder

What to do if Office 365 email disappears into a folder named "Unwanted."

HTTP Error 400 in Google Chrome

How to resolve an HTTP Error 400 when using Google Chrome to access a WVU portal such as Outlook Web App.

Not Receiving Emails after Deleting the Clutter Folder

What to do if you have deleted the Clutter folder and are not receiving emails.

Outlook 2016 for Mac Desktop Client Does Not Start or is Missing Content

Steps to resolve database corruption for Outlook 2016 for Mac.

Outlook for Windows Not Displaying Images in Messages by Default

Outlook for Windows is set to not display images in messages by default. Directions for changing this default are available in this article.

Outlook Web App Shows Link for Suggesting Meeting Creation

Users reading messages in Outlook Web App may see clickable text that suggests scheduling a meeting with the message sender and other recipients.

Outlook Web App: OCSP Response Error

Troubleshooting for the OCSP response error message in Outlook.

Rebuild the Outlook 2013 Cache to Fix Corrupted Data Files

If you suspect that the Outlook Data File is corrupted, you can recreate it by disabling and then re-enabling Cached Exchange mode.

Recover Deleted Items in Outlook for Windows

Steps for recovering deleted items in Outlook for Windows.

Recover Missing or Deleted Email from Outlook

How to locate and recover missing or deleted emails.

Remove Mistyped Email Address from Outlook App (Android)

How to remove an incorrect or mistyped email from the Outlook App on an Android device.

Restore Opened Windows from Last Outlook Session

If Outlook closes unexpectedly, run a command line to restore the previous session.

Shared Mailbox Accounts and Outlook's Offline Cache

Shared Mailbox accounts have the potential to greatly impact the size and performance of a user's offline cache file in the Outlook client. This article includes recommendations as to how to minimize this impact.

Slowness and Freezing in Microsoft Word and Outlook 2013

A Microsoft update released in February of 2016 can cause Word and Outlook to be very slow.

Unable to See App Settings in Outlook Web App

What to do if the text is not visible under your app settings in OWA.

Windows Security Dialog Pops Up Repeatedly

What to do if the Windows Security pop-up keeps appearing in the Outlook Windows client.