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eCampus information that is applicable only to instructors.

Articles (18)

eCampus FAQ for Faculty

Common questions faculty may have about using eCampus.

Faculty Assistance

Learn about eCampus training and resources for faculty members.

Respondus Training

Where to find training for Respondus.

VoiceThread Overview

Information about using VoiceThread, a cloud application used to share and discuss media.

eCampus Point of Contacts (POCs) for Instructors

The list of Point of Contacts (POCs) and their departments (for instructors only).

eCampus 101 for Faculty

eCampus 101 is designed to help you become familiar with how to navigate in the eCampus system as an instructor, and to begin setting up your first course from scratch.

Adaptive Release and Tools

How to use Adaptive Release on eCampus.

Add Content to Course Shells in eCampus

Important changes and information for adding course shells in eCampus.

Copy a Gradebook from One Class to Another in eCampus

Steps for copying a gradebook from one class to another in eCampus.

Courses You are Teaching are Missing in eCampus

What to do if you do not see the courses you are instructing in eCampus.

Create a Web Folder in the Content Collection

Link to a video that explains how to create and customize a folder in the Content Collection.

eCampus Course Listed as Unavailable for Instructor

What to do if a course you are teaching is listed as unavailable.

eRS Information

Information about eRS, the eCampus course request system for faculty.

Grade Access in eCampus

After a semester is completed, only instructors may access an eCampus course.

GradeSync in eCampus

Information and guides for GradeSync in eCampus.

Install Respondus Editor

Learn how to install Respondus Editor.

StudyMate Author Application and Activation Code for GAs

Learn about getting authorization and the activation code for StudyMate as a graduate assistant.

Track Student Activity in eCampus

Learn how instructors can track student activity in eCampus.