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SOLE (Study Observe Learn Engage) is the WVU Health Sciences Center's portal for online education and information. It is a web-based tool for students to access courses and for instructors to build and maintain those courses.

Articles (15)

Connecting with SOLE

SOLE account creation and how to log into SOLE with WVU Login and WVU Healthcare usernames.

Contacting SOLE Support

How to contact SOLE support by phone, email or visiting the office.

Are you SOLE ready?

Computer Requirements and browser check.

Unable to Log Into SOLE

How to troubleshoot SOLE login issues.

SOLE Storage and Backup Policies

Learn about SOLE file size and data limits & backup and archiving procedures.

Request a SOLE Course or Site

Where to fill out a SOLE Course or Site request and other forms.

Course Listed as Blocked or Missing

What to do if you are missing a course or a course is blocked.

Turnitin Integration

Learn about the purpose of Turnitin and how to use it in SOLE.

Emailing Classes and Students Via SOLE

How to email users within a course or site using the Mailing List.

Collaborate Support

Learn about Collaborate usage in SOLE, troubleshooting and seeking technical support.

Faculty Assistance

Learn about SOLE training and resources for faculty members.

Dependent Release

How to use Dependent Release in SOLE.

Tracking Students

Learn how instructors can track student activity in SOLE.

SOLE LockDown Browser for Exams

Access to information on SOLE LockDown Browser installation, use, and troubleshooting.

Lecture Capture with TechSmith Relay

Learn how to record lectures and post them within SOLE.