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Troubleshooting problems with errors messages, exporting files, printing and more.

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404 File Not Found Error or Problems Exporting From MAP

What to do if you receive the 404 File Not Found error in MAP or you cannot export from MAP.

Accounts Receivable Error Message (APP-AR-294585)

How to resolve the APP-AR-294585 error while closing the AR period during Month End Close.

Cannot Open TSV Files Exported From MAP

How to open a TSV file that you just exported from MAP.

Cannot Receive Purchase Orders in MAP

What to do if you are not receiving purchase orders in MAP.

Copy and Paste Only Gets a Portion of the Data in MAP

How to capture all needed data using the copy and paste feature in MAP.

Invalid Session (APP-FND-01931) Error in MAP

What to do if you receive an invalid session error in MAP while running reports, accessing a responsibility or clicking a link.

Latest Version of Firefox 52 64-bit (Including ESR) Not Compatible with MAP

The latest version of Firefox is not compatible with MAP. If you are unable to open MAP forms and are prompted to install Java each time you log into MAP, follow these steps for installing a supported version of Firefox.

MAP and Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 and Java 1.7.75 required security settings to log into MAP.

MAP JRE Certification Matrix

The required Java Runtime Environment certifications for different versions of browsers and Windows operating systems.

MAP Report Not Printing

What to do if you cannot print a report or a concurrent request from MAP.

TNS Packet Writer Failure Error Message

What to do if you receive a TNS Packet Writer error message while using MAP or Oracle.