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Suggestions for fixing your computer's hardware, including blank screens, mouse, keyboard and more.

Articles (9)

Black Border Around Laptop Screen

What to do if there is a black border around your laptop screen.

CD-ROM Drive Does Not Work

What to do if your CD-ROM drive stops working.

Dual Monitor Set-Up for NVIDIA

How to set-up a dual monitor display for a Windows 7 computer with NVIDIA.

Fax Machines

Fax machines as a general rule are not repaired by ITS.

Fix a Blank Computer Screen

Troubleshooting for a blank computer screen.

Fix a Computer Mouse

Troubleshooting for computer mouse problems.

Fix a Keyboard

Troubleshooting for keyboard problems.

Fix a Projector

What to do if your projector is not working.

Fix Sound or Speaker Issues

Steps to help you fix common speaker problems.